How Can I Get Certified for a Medical Marijuana CARD?

Call for a preliminary phone conversation about if your condition will qualify you for a recommendation. Make an appointment for an initial consult at one of our 3 locations:

Harbor Health Holistic at Riverside Medical Center

863 N. Cocoa Blvd
Cocoa FL, 32922

Daly Chiropractic and Wellness

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Titusville FL 32796

Serene Green at Serene Therapies

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Orlando FL, 32828

How do I get certified to get medical marijuana?

Be sure your Florida ID is valid and address current.  A working email address must be correctly documented as well.
Call for a preliminary phone conversation about if your condition will qualify you for a recommendation. Make an appointment for an initial consult. Bring in your medical records to be reviewed. If one of the main qualifying medical conditions is diagnosed, be sure that the diagnosis is included in the records. If you have seen specialists, include their records as well. Gather from your pharmacy a medicine history of tried and failed medications and a current medication list. List meds you have tried and failed in the past that may not be on the pharmacy list and why you stopped using them such as side effects or adverse reactions.
At your certification appointment, you will review and sign a multiple page consent form reviewed with the physician. If your debilitating condition qualifies, a certification recommendation is made. Submit a photo, demographics and a $75 check to the Department of Health.

How do I get dosed?

While waiting a month or so to receive your email informing you that your certification has been approved, you have had time to review literature and explore online options. Once you receive your email or card, you are ready for a 45 day dosing recommendation with education. We discuss options for modes of delivery, pros and cons of different choices, how to self titrate and wean off pharmaceuticals. Traditional and alternative remedies are offered in conjunction with medical marijuana if interested.

What is a follow up appointment?

Follow up appointments are when we assess if you have had any adverse reactions, document how you have reduced your doses of pharmaceutical medications, and change your dose according to how you have responded. 70 days after your certification was entered into the registry, you are due for your first follow up. Your second follow up is in 70 more days.

What is recertification? What is a card renewal?

By Florida Department of Health rules, your recertification appointment is 210 days after you were initially recommended for certification. These time frames are state requirements and not subject to individual modification. In fact, if patients are illegitimately certified by a qualified physician, it is a misdemeanor. The physician holds all liability. The dispensaries are unable to dispense medical marijuana if your registry is expired. Your card is due to be renewed with the Department of Health annually which is separate from a recertification.

How do I transfer to another marijuana doctor?

If you want to transfer from one medical marijuana physician to another one, you may choose your marijuana physician and are not obligated to stay with your original certifying physician. If you have been seen by a prior medical marijuana physician, you must first be released from that physician in order to become established with a new one. Some physicians charge to release patients so choose wisely. If a certification center has high turnover of physicians, it can become inconvenient and expensive to keep getting reestablished.