How do I purchase medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is sold at dispensaries. In order to enter a dispensary or order online, one must have a certification recommendation approved by the Florida Department Of Health with valid Florida photo ID and active email on file and a dosing recommendation from a qualified physician. Caretakers may also enter and order from dispensaries.

How is Cannabis legally used?

Florida does not recognize marijuana legally as the bud or plant. Instead, it may be administered orally or sublingually with capsules, tinctures or concentrates, intranasally with solutions, rectally with suppositories, topically with salves, lotions or tinctures mixed with vectors such as DMSO, inhaled via vaporizer or vape pen. Although not available locally, cannabis infused tampons for cramps and cannabis infused personal lubricants are available as well.

Oral forms are slower onset due to being processed via the liver, or first pass effect, reducing bioavailability. They also last longer. Sublingual forms of administration are faster onset. Vapes are fastest onset, and shortest length of time to receive benefits or possible side effects. Vaporized produces less of a smell than smoking, which is not advocated by the medical community due to negative pulmonary effects.

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa

The two species of cannabis used in medicinal marijuana are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. There are hybrids that have both Indica and Sativa components.

Indica is known for having relaxing or sedating effects. Sativa is known for it’s activating effects and may potentiate anxiety in the less experienced.


The traffic light analogy is popular describing the red, yellow, green lights as indica, hybrid and sativa. Indica slows you down like a red light, sativa jazzes you up like a green light and hybrids fall somewhere in between like the yellow light.
For brain fog and fatigue, sativa is recommended.
For first time sativa users, hybrid is recommended.
For insomnia and anxiety, indica is recommended.
For glaucoma, 20-40mg CBD may help transiently reduce intraocular pressure.

Psychoactive “High”

Describing a substance as psychoactive indicates that it can make you feel high. Non-psychoactive components do not cause the euphoric high sensation and can help blunt the high experience. Getting a low THC high CBD or CBD only vape is a frequently used remedy for feeling too high.